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Watercourse by Kiga Studio picks up the award for the best Future Project at the 11th PORCELANOSA Group Awards

The design of its members for the showroom at PORCELANOSA’s headquarters is about the course of a river

The different levels of the landscape have been built with materials from the eight firms belonging the Group

Miguel Angel Mayo, Silvia Díaz, Carmen Corcoles and Borja Cuevas, all belonging to the Kiga Studio, won the award for the best Future-Professional Project for their Watercourse project at the 11th PORCELANOSA Group Awards.

At the ceremony, which was held on April 26 at the Villa Magna Hotel, the jury consisting of: Luis Vidal, Rebecca Jones, Ricardo Mateu, Pierre-Yves Rochon and Rafael Robledo, recognised the added value of this design, which is intended for the showroom at the PORCELANOSA Group headquarters.

A design that flows in the water

The design of Kiga Studio goes around the course of a river. The currents of water incorporated in the place cross all the space through a glazed stream. A walkable area that allows people to walk and see the different atmospheres in the exhibition, which is made up of five areas which flow into the sea. Last stop.

This is where pure oxygen, represented by a bubble from KRION® material, is found and the hydrological cycle is produced. The evaporation process brings the water back to the mountain through rain and so on.

Back to the origins

The Kiga Studio presents a conceptual tour through this stream which runs through five levels. On the upper level, the white colour is the main attraction of the snowy peaks. A space represented with the latest solid mineral surface, the KRION® Solid Surface and the bathroom equipment by Noken.

The next level shows a thaw and some rocks, with light grey tones where the porcelain tile is the key material. The darkest rocks occupy the main place in the next stadium, with the Ston-Ker ceramic stone elements.

The journey continues with wood, which is showcased through the laminate floors, the Par-Ker ceramic parquet and several natural wood designs by L'Antic Colonial.

The earth and sand that connect with the sea are shown in brown tones through the porcelain tile and wood effect materials.

On the last level, there is the sea with the waves at their best. A place consisting of the through-body porcelain tile by Urbatek in a marble effect finish. The well-being of mankind and the earth. The natural cycle of evolutionism.

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