12 August 2021


Cosy kitchens to enjoy all year round

Gamadecor, the kitchen brand, shows the endless design possibilities using natural wood and handcrafted décor.

Free time and long hours of sunshine invite you to spend more time in the kitchen trying new recipes or getting together with friends and family. Renew the décor or give it a new feel with the following tips.

Kitchen E6.90 Roble Alba Gamadecor Porcelanosa

The key to having an organic and luminous kitchen

"Cooking" and "sharing" are the two verbs that the Gamadecor firm of PORCELANOSA Group sustain in its organic kitchen model, designed in natural wood and with a large storage capacity.

Linked to the living room through clean lines and finishes in oak, walnut, granite, marble or cement, the brand's models stand out for their infinite worktops, neutral tones (white, grey or beige) and integrated furniture that enhance the light and amplitude of the spaces.

Kitchen Wabi E9.30 XTone Stuc Ice E7.90 Roble Alba Gamadecor Urbatek Porcelanosa

To give the kitchen a more spacious feel and for a refreshing touch, Gamadecor suggests a more open plan living style. Extending the kitchen into the exterior and including decorative items such as handmade glass or jute, using the same colour palette for flooring and walls, large windows, hanging shelves, tiles with geometric or patterned motifs, spherical lamps or in-built appliances can make the area more uniform.

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