August 12, 2015 | Updated: January 23, 2019


Warm and cosy Cement-effect floors with Beige Timber Concrete

Creating industrial-effect long-lasting flooring, and at the same time, banking on the warm aesthetics of wood, it is Urbatek’s commitment with Concrete Beige Timber, a technical porcelain with the cement-effect finish in a plank format, typical of laminated floors.

The latest designs in interior design stand out thanks to the domination of industrial aesthetics inspired by the New York factories from the 1950s, a trend aiming at creating timeless urban spaces, and whose visual attraction lies in presenting materials in a rough bare way, without any ornaments, where decoration reveals the structure and framework of the building. .

The CONCRETE cement-effect through-body porcelain tile created by Urbatek, PORCELANOSA Group’s firm,  turns out to be a collection which connects with the solid assurance of the origin material because of its cement finish, and furthermore, with ultra-resistant and long-lasting properties since we are dealing with a high-performance through-body porcelain tile.

Urbatek continues to make new headway with the launch of Concrete in a cosier format and finish: Timber, bringing the wooden plank format to cement in order to provide the warm touch that the natural material is inspired by. Veining is present in its texture and in the laminated format, typical of the natural wooden floors thanks to the 22x90cm format in which this porcelain tile is presented.

Timber offers an urban, and at the same time a homely finish, and it is available in 3 colours:  Concrete Black Timber, Concrete Grey Timber or Concrete Beige Timber. Furthermore, given the high standards that Urbatek demands of its through-body porcelain tile products and materials, the collection also features an Anti-Slip finish with a slip resistance (R11B ramp test rating) perfect for use in wet and outdoor areas. In this way, maximum use can be made of the material and it can be adapted to fit the needs of each and every house space, thus, creating aesthetic rhymes between terraces and indoor areas.

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  1. Beste,

    Wij willen graag keramische tegels aanschaffen maar wij twijfelen tussen Nobu Arce (Porcelanosa) en Tanzania Nut (Venis).
    Wij zijn bij verschillende winkels geweest, geen van de winkels heeft beide tegels. Is het mogelijk dat wij samples kunnen krijgen?
    Of weten jullie een winkel die beide tegels kan laten zien?

    Met vriendelijke groet,


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