April 19, 2021


Tips for switching your wardrobe like a pro

Ordering your clothes by colour, using drawer separators, hanging your jackets and coats on hangers and placing an additional shelf at the bottom of your wardrobe, will all help you find what you’re looking for quickly – and keep everything tidy.

When the seasons change, it’s time to switch your wardrobe. Spring has sprung, and it’s time to switch your wardrobe, swapping coats, jackets and jumpers for lighter, more breathable linen, cotton and silk.

It doesn’t need to be a headache. Here are our essential tips for doing it with practicality in mind, organising your wardrobe according to the texture, colour and purpose of each garment, with the Fusion wardrobe collection by Gamadecor.

A step-by step guide for organising your wardrobe efficiently

1. Organise your clothing according to colour and purpose


If you want to create more space in your dressing room, organise your clothing by colour and purpose.

Our main piece of advice would be to store the things you only wear once in a while at the back of your wardrobe, and place your more everyday pieces where you can see them best. Other options include hanging shirts, jackets and trousers on hangers, and using drawer separators in your main drawers. That’s where you’ll keep your smaller items so they’re easier to find (underwear, ties, belts, socks or scarves).

wardrobe storage ideas

The method created by 


Marie Kondo’s Konmari method has revolutionised home organisation. She suggests separating your clothes by category, and simplifying what you store in your wardrobe by folding clothes and storing them vertically (such as T-shirts, trousers and pyjamas), hanging shirts according to fabric type and using organisers for the accessories you use the most (arranging them from most-used to least-used).

Gamadecor F1.80 Bison Leather wardrobe

2. Use the right hangers

You can get hangers for all types of garments.

There are hangers for suits, others more suitable for blouses, others designed specifically for skirts and trousers, and yet more for ties. If you choose the right hangers for each type of clothing it’ll step up your wardrobe organisation instantly.

3. Gain space and practicality with the Fusion wardrobe

PORCELANOSA Group firm Gamadecor has designed a new line of wardrobes with practicality and order in mind.

Meet Fusion, a line of furniture featuring shelves with a thickness of 25 cm, adding improved stability to the overall structure. Available with hinged or sliding doors, Fusion comes with two handle options: Matt black vertical (hinged doors), integrated sable (hinged or sliding doors), and can be customised with different finishes (laminated, matt lacquered, gloss lacquered and wood veneer).



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