November 28, 2022


Wallpaper for the living room: personality and charm guaranteed

Rooms can be dressed in a range of designs with this simple yet practical solution, guaranteed to brighten up a room

Thinking and imagining are very different terms. Let's look at an example. When thinking about living room décor, a classic look with plain walls and a conventional layout springs to mind. When you're imagining a living room, an image of a modern space with accessories and wall coverings in different textures instantly forms in your mind, creating a warm and visually striking room scheme. And with wallpaper, you can bring that imagined dream to life.

A simple yet significant change

Opting for elegant wallpaper in your living room can change the whole style of the room, without you embarking on a full refurbishment. You can choose from a wide array of sophisticated designs in different colour schemes when you're decorating your living room with wallpaper; depending on your style, whether modern, vintage or minimalist.

And when you're using wallpaper in the living room, we recommend you go for vinyl or TNT wallpaper: they're the most resistant, washable designs. The options are endless: choose a composition based on the visual effect you're looking to achieve. For example, horizontal stripes will visually lengthen the space, and vertical stripes will make your ceilings look higher and narrow the walls. If you want to create a truly original room scheme, you could combine uniform colour walls with wallpaper such as Skins Mural Nymph Green by L'Antic Colonial.

The plain Skins Mural Dawn Ivory by L "Antic Colonial enables you to achieve the minimalist look, which you can accent with simple decorative elements such as a book or sinuous vase. You could also use wallpapers that imitate materials like brick, cement, stone or wood to inject personality into your space, for example Skins Wall Twister Metal (L'Antic Colonial). The biophilic trend (relating to our connection with nature) isn't going anywhere in interior design, and wallpapers with floral motifs are being used in more spaces in the home such as the living room (Skins Mural Palm Spring Vinyl by L'Antic Colonial).

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