September 20, 2021 | Updated: July 4, 2022


Textured wall tiles to transform your walls

Geometrics, mosaics, botanical motifs and more. The firm's ceramic collections create a stunning sense of movement, sure to elevate the décor of any space.

Smooth or stuccoed walls may be a thing of the past, but increasingly architects and interior designers are instead turning to textured ceramic wall tiles. Use natural finishes by PORCELANOSA to breathe new life into your small bathroom, open-plan kitchen/living room, or minimalist dining room.

With relief and depth

Use wall tiles such as Porcelanosa's Cubik Indic to make a smaller room feel more spacious. The small grey cubes in relief have a texture similar to marble, and will add a stunning sense of dynamism to your walls.

The neutral Prada collection runs along the same lines, available in Acero, Caliza and White. Formed of small hexagons reminiscent of natural stone, layering the tiles on your wall will give it a sculptural feel that only adds to the décor.

The romance of hydraulic tiles

Hydraulic tiles with geometric or floral motifs started to gain popularity in the nineteenth century, and their light and vivid colours have propelled them back to popularity.

Versatile and simple hydraulic tiles like Marbella and Dover Antique will breathe personality into spaces like bathrooms and dining rooms. Plus, they work well with ceramic floor tiles such as Porcelanosa's Bottega or PAR-KER® ceramic parquet.

3D-effect bathrooms

Collections such as Ona Blanco and Matt White by Porcelanosa feature curved and sinuous forms sure to make bathrooms feel brighter. Inspired by the movement of waves, these matt wall tiles (The White Collection) can be used alongside geometric washbasins or black rectangular mirrors to break with uniform colours.

Alternatively, these white models in a range of designs can be used to define your washbasin or towel rail area.

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