March 20, 2023


Colours and materials for decorating office walls

Different textures and tones set the mood for a space where maximum concentration is required

Having a bright and orderly room that is pleasant to look at is essential to getting work done. At the same time, more and more people are teleworking, turning a spare room into a home office.

How to decorate the walls of an office.

There is a wide spectrum of colours and materials for decorating the walls of an office.

- Wallpaper. This is a safe bet thanks to the multitude of prints and combinations that can be made. If you opt for a plain design, concentration is guaranteed.

- Natural wood. This is very flexible and can be used as the main material for supporting a shelf. It can be a good choice to achieve visual continuity with the floors and walls. The result: un ambiente óptimo para trabajar, dado que la madera natural desprende tranquilidad y relajación (Advance 1L Ash, de L’Antic Colonial).

- Ceramic. This is a good choice for decorating office walls. It offers different finishes and installation options, such as relief, which highlights the aesthetics of the space (Cubik Urban Caliza ceramic tile by Porcelanosa).

- Large porcelain tiles (150 cm x 300 cm). It becomes a versatile and aesthetic construction element for covering the walls of an office, due to its seamless floor-to-ceiling installation.

- Panels. De fácil instalación, gran formato y diferentes tipos (minerales, de aluminio,…), los paneles presentan amplias posibilidades decorativas, cobrando gran relevancia las paredes del despacho (Fitwall® Doghe Nogal Americano o Alluslate® Materica Original, de Krion).

Colours for office walls

The colour of a wall is a key element when decorating a work area, as it transforms the interior design of these spaces.

- Blue. Cold tones give a touch of elegance to the walls of an office. El azul es un color que se relaciona con la naturaleza, al igual que el verde, y que transmite sensaciones de paz, tranquilidad y armonía, como Skins Empyreal Woven Sapphire, de L’Antic Colonial).

- White or beige. These tones help to increase the sensation of brightness and spaciousness in rooms, maintaining the work rhythm with no distractions ( XTONE Glem White).

- Grey, black or brown. Plain and dark, using these colours for the wall of a home office makes the aesthetic of the room more serious and elegant, allowing its occupant to focus on the work (XTONE Mocca Dark).

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