May 2, 2019


Wald Custom, the custom-made parquet from L´Antic Colonial

With this collection, users will be able to customise the colour of natural wood in accordance with their very own personal tastes.

Its large slats reach up to 4m in length, as well as reproducing the very same knots which are found in some trees, like German oaks.

Turning a room into a natural area is possible through the Wald Custom parquet from L´Antic Colonial. This natural wood collection adapts to any type of project in each one of its combinations. Its four standardised models, namely: Wald 1L Custom Harz, Duppel, Osning and Palatinado; come in a 26cm x 220cm x 1.5cm size, allowing for the colour of the wood to be customised, according to each user’s preference.


Custom-made rustic finishes

With a large colour range, this collection is defined by its strong tone variation, and its knots which reproduce the warmth of German oaks. An atmosphere which is enriched with the Wald 1L Custom Supreme line, whose large slats reach up to 4m in length, and they adjust to the needs of the spaces with each one of its pieces: 30cm x 400cm x1.9cm, 35cm x 400cm x 1.9cm, 30cm x 350cm x 1.9cm and 35cm x 350cm x 1.9cm.

The leafiness of the forest at home.



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  1. Where may I see online samples of your anti slip bathroom flooring products?
    Do you have retailers in North America?

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