October 14, 2017 | Updated: June 3, 2021


Homes with the quality and functionality of the Par-Ker ceramic parquet

A home must convey freedom and wellbeing to its inhabitants. Therefore, it must be created with materials which help the space to be enjoyed, preventing the creation of a restricted space which stops people from relaxing.

One of the key materials to take into account is flooring, being an element which requires great resistance and affects the general harmony of the home. Par-Ker ceramic parquet is ideal for this type of space, combining the freshness of ceramic with the warmth of wood in any corner of the home. It is a solution with countless decorative possibilities and visual effects.

The ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa is ideal for interiors, as the resistance and durability of ceramic leaves it unchanged by heels, impacts and even animals, always having the same appearance as the first day.

Additionally, having anti-dampness, anti-slip and resistant properties, the ceramic parquet is also perfect for outdoor spaces in which the flooring is exposed to extreme climate conditions, also being resistant to moisture, low temperatures and the sun.

Combination of materials in the project by architect Antonio Ruiz Rubio

In the Andalusian location of Huelva, a single family home is found, designed by architect Antonio Ruiz Rubio, whose uniqueness lies in the synergy of forms and materials. It is a structure with an avant-garde, sophisticated aesthetic, the exterior decoration of the home perfectly integrated with the interior through a continuous, uneven floor, which blends the water of the swimming pool and the porch by which the home is accessed.

On the inside, an atmosphere designed for relaxation and enjoyment as a family can be found. Par-Ker Oxford Cognac ceramic parquet has been included for this, whose versatility, inalterability and resistance make it an ideal solution.

Contemporary warmth in a single family home in Colorado

Denver, capital of the state of Colorado (United States), is the city in which a single family home has been built, conveying warmth and style through the combination of an original, attractive design with a comfortable, functional atmosphere.

This atmosphere has been achieved through beautiful materials such as the Amsterdam Gris Par-Ker ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa. It is a material inspired by wood, installed in traditional or dowel format, depending on the area of the house. In this way, a design has been achieved with great authenticity and a very original visual aspect in each room.

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