November 11, 2021


Villa Ponta Melagrana, a boutique retreat in Montenegro to disconnect and recharge

Surrounded by vegetation and enjoying views of Adriatic Sea, this luxurious villa features many amenities (swimming pool, spa, its own restaurant) and was created using PORCELANOSA Group's Premium collections.

At the Villa Ponta Melagrana (Pržno, Budva, Montenegro), the only time that counts is that marked by the waves of the Adriatic sea, which seem to break inside the suites, bestowing a sense of pure calm.

Designed as a boutique refuge with private beach access, where local stone blends with classic décor and Mediterranean accents, this villa offers guests a host of personalised services and amenities.

Vintage rooms with views over the Adriatic Sea

Its spacious rooms and suites inspire you to rest and disconnect from everything thanks to the balanced, warm interior design by Zelimir Mitrovic, which connects them to the natural environment of Montenegro. White and beige tones blend with vintage furniture, adding nobility to the rooms and highlighting the sophistication of each piece.

White marble, Victorian sofas, oriental carpets and crystal carved lamps shape the decoration of each room, whose privacy is maintained through the use of PORCELANOSA Manhattan Colonial ceramic wood (PAR-KER®, the main floor tiles used) and including the use of the Butech spacing system. This collection has also been used in the restaurant to increase the warmth and cosiness of the space.

The brand is also present in the bathrooms, which are integrated into the bedrooms through the use of XTONE® marble floor tiles (sintered compact), which enhance the natural light from the exterior.

With white as the main shade, this area has a more avant-garde style, with XTONE® benches supporting circular washbasins and Nk Concept taps from Noken. Part of the WaterForest line, these pieces allow greater comfort and sustainability (saving up to 89% of water) and are framed by two large hexagonal mirrors.
In other rooms, a more refined and open design has been chosen, where Noken Lounge oval bathtubs are located within the suite so that guests can relax whilst enjoying the natural landscape of Montenegro.

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Architecture: Zelimir Mitrovic, Andrijana Mitrovic Delic and Tijana Mijanovic.

Photo: Villa Ponta Melagrana

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