June 18, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


VII Porcelanosa Awards: 3M CTC Iberia by Touza Arquitectos

The 3M Technical Centre for Clients in Madrid (CTC Iberia) was a winning project at the 7th Architecture and Interior Design Awards held by PORCELANOSA Group, in the completed projects category.

Touza Arquitectos were the authors of the design of this modern building which perfectly transmits the company’s values. This compact building was created using a simple concept, evading big architectural displays without excluding aesthetic details which create its personality.

The spectacular appearance of this technological centre is elegant and functional thanks to the project heads who created a second skin with Krion®, the PORCELANOSA Group solid surface which enabled straight and curved lines to merge together, creating an intriguing play of volumes.

A Krion® ventilated façade protects the glass walls with an openwork design panel which allows the light to shine through the small openings. This system was chosen as it contributes to the building’s energy efficiency, helping to maintain temperatures with low energy consumption.

Marquees and cantilevers appear on some of the building’s glassed areas, protecting the interior spaces during the hottest hours of the day. Some decorative elements and furniture pieces on the interior are also made with Krion®.

At night, the building’s exterior skin is backlit with a LED system, creating a play of lights and reflections which make the 3M logo on the façade shine as if it was advertising.

For further photos on this project, click on the Flickr album.

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