July 24, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Verona: romantic colouring for Porcelanosa’s ceramic flooring and coverings

The subtle veins of natural stone have inspired Verona, a new collection from Porcelanosa, with versions for both wall coverings and flooring.

The timeless appearance gives spaces a look which is at the same time classical and contemporary thanks to the multiple, combinable finishes and formats in which the Verona series is available, created to achieve atmospheres of uniform aesthetics with touches of modernity.

In both flooring and covering versions, Porcelanosa presents this ceramic collection in gloss, matte and rectified finishes. Furthermore, the whole collection is available in two neutral colour schemes, Grey and Sand, easily combined with furniture and decorative elements of any style.

The flooring, made of excellent quality rectified porcelain, is available in two square formats of 59.6×59.6cm and 43.5×43.5cm, which are easily adapted to the needs of all kinds of spaces.

Moreover, produced in monoporosa, the Verona ceramic covering has two embossed versions, as well as the smooth base, like the flooring: the Line version, with superimposed horizontal stripes; and the Scala version, with small square pieces laid out like fish scales.

With all of these options, Porcelanosa is expanding possibilities for designing personal, different, and always elegant atmospheres.

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