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Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine: pure innovation in façade form

This optical research centre in Talence (France) stands out for its spectacular 5,500 square metre building enclosure constructed with Krion® LUX, by architecture studio Ragueneau & Roux.

The Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, located in the city of Talence (France), isn't just a leader in optometry research. This innovative building places it at the cutting edge of design too. More than 20,000 square metres of the building is clad in an amazing ventilated façade designed by architecture studio Ragueneau & Roux, using Krion® LUX 1100 K·Life sheets and fixing solutions developed by Butech.

The research centre's façade features a play on volumes that not only lends the development personality; it maximises the natural light entering the building making it ideal for optical research. They achieved this principally through the open lattice structure to one side, made with Krion® LUX.

The innovative concept came to fruition thanks to the technical properties of Krion® LUX 1100 K·Life and Butech's FV K-FIX façade system. The solution was used to affix the cladding sheets (measuring up to 18 m2) with each panel extending below the next, resulting in imperceptible joints and an excellent sense of continuity.

In order to execute the project, PORCELANOSA Group's technical company had to have the installation system checked by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), a French public body that regulates systems used in construction. Following several tests, the façade system's suitability was approved along with Krion® LUX 1100 K·Life. This material is pure white, lending the building more light, and benefits from other properties such as almost zero porosity and weather resistance, making it extra durable.

Around 5,500 square metres of cladding helped bring this project designed by Ragueneau & Roux studio to life. Butech's technical department collaborated on the project, offering advice, supply and transformation of the PORCELANOSA mineral compact sheets in line with the architect's design, and finally installing the façade.
The Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, a shining example of innovation in construction.

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Architecture: Ragueneau & Roux

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