June 30, 2020


The essential Venis tiles for this summer

The PORCELANOSA Group brand opts for a seamless design that connects the interior and exterior of the home through natural textures and imitation stone, wood and marble finishes.

As Summer brings more free time, many homeowners take advantage of the season to renovate their homes with materials that are more durable and fresh. When you want to perfect your house and transform every corner into a unique space, the Venis brand from the PORCELANOSA Group recommends designing open spaces featuring seamless interior and exterior spaces joined with ceramic floor and walltiles inspired by nature. Below, we list some of the tiles that will be trending this season.

3D walls with Tahití

TheVela ceramic collection in wall and floor tiles features the Tahití decoration in 45 cm x 120 cm format. Composed of 5 mm high polygons, this series is inspired by the range of colours found in cement while its interplay of volumes bestows a unified concept on the floors and walls.

Neutral interiors with Newport 

Among the cement tiles, we also find Old and Park, framed within the Newport collection. While Old it combines horizontal lines of different thicknesses, Park it blends wavy lines with a matte finish that adds lightness to any type of project.

The power of ancient marble 

Inspired by the Marquina black marble, Venis reproduces the brilliance of this natural stone in its Magma Black collection. Its grey contrasts break with the homogeneous surface, bestowing an ancient character on each space.

Svan jet black 

Svan captures the lustre of jet and injects it into 45 cm x 120 cm ceramic tiles. Featuring a rugged and delicate surface, this tile stands out for its silver details and can be combined with the Magma Black floor tiles to create a total black space.

Magma Black 80 x 80 cm + Svan 45 x 120 cm
Magma Black 80 x 80 cm + Svan 45 x 120 cm

Within this group of metallic tiles we also find Dubai, whose hexagonal shapes simulate a waterfall and combine perfectly in those lighter rooms, such as the bathroom, kitchen or living room.

The Sahara desert inside the home 

The Egypt decoration combines triangles of different sizes and brings us back to the first towns of Ancient Egypt. The minute detail of Egyptian scribes in the hieroglyphs they wrote on stone or papyrus is also found in this tile, whose white pyramids enhance the depth of the walls.

Another collection designed in white is Dakar. In 45 cm x 120 cm format, its wavy lines are inspired by the movement of dunes and its matte finish combines perfectly with Starwood ceramic wood, which brings greater warmth to bathrooms and living rooms.

The varied geometric design inspired by stone 

The Thao and and Samui decorations of the Verbier collectionare based on ancient stones and have a smooth and durable textures for all types of projects. While Thao is made up of layered trapezoids and pyramids, Samui features waves with pronounced peaks to create a quicksand effect on every wall.

Samui Dark 45 x 120 cm

Tahití Vela Grey

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