September 25, 2019 | Updated: September 26, 2019


Cersaie 2019: The new collections from Venis inspired by slate and sandstone

Halley, Persia and Polaris are some of the main collections that the company has designed for this edition.

These pieces enhance depth and brightness in each room.

Venis, the company specialised in ceramic floor and wall tiles from PORCELANOSA Group, has banked on natural stone and cement for Cersaie 2019.

Halley, Persia, Polaris, Svan and Dakar are the five new collections that the company will present in Bologna until September 27th.

Halley: a ceramic blend of cement and sandstone

Halley, the new ceramic collection from Venis, was created from a blend of cement, stone and sandstone. Its look combines the hardness of stone with the relief of sandstone. Its three tones: Caliza, Natural and Acero; together with the Boreal decor, rewrite the traditional concept of the ceramic wall tile. Its textured lines designed horizontally, provide greater spaciousness to rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Persia: when age-old slate turns into ceramic

The density and the colour contrasts of natural slate can be found in Persia, a new ceramic material with several formats.

For floor tiles, there is a size of 100cm x 100cm, as well as 20 different designs. The 25 wall tile pieces come in a 45cm x 120cm format, and three different colours can be opted for as well. The West wall tile decor has wavy lines which emulate the movement of waves.

Svan: a sculptured-to-size gemstone

Inspired by gemstones such as sapphire and tourmaline, the intense black offered by this wall tile comes in two colours: Black and White; in a size of 45cm x 120cm. Its small prisms and irregular relief make rooms lighter with a more artistic touch.

Polaris: a microsphere full of reliefs

This wall tile decor shows a simple uniform design whose pattern provides the rooms with a distinctive touch. The pure white of its pieces enhances the brightness of the projects thanks to the parallel and fine lines of its relief.

Dakar sand is present on the wall

This new wall tile returns to the Dakar desert from which it achieves the purest colour. Inspired by the dunes that are found here, in each of these pieces the movement of the sand is reproduced through lines which change in thickness.

With a 45cm x 120cm format, this series gives greater depth to the spaces depending on their different heights.

The authentic beauty of the desert.

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