February 12, 2021


Venis Projects introduces itself to the professional sector with innovative construction solutions

The PORCELANOSA Group company offers a product with highly competitive qualities and a personalised service to promote the use of ceramics in large-scale projects.

A product with high technical specifications, an exclusive service with numerous advantages for professionals, and infinite ceramic possibilities. These three elements are the backbone of Venis Projects, a new PORCELANOSA Group line of business aimed exclusively at the professional and large-scale projects sector.

The new brand is focusing its efforts on providing a response to an audience seeking construction solutions with competitive, functional and efficient qualities. In its own production facility, it manufactures long-lasting, durable materials that are resistant to high traffic, drawing from the latest technologies, and with specialist guarantees. These properties make it the perfect choice for large-scale projects such as hotels, shopping centres, housing developments, healthcare facilities, offices and public buildings, among others.


As well as to the wide range of formats, finishes and ceramic styles available, there are a huge number of advantages to customers thanks to the win-win method.



Win-win method

This working philosophy is based on a synergy between the professional and the company, to optimise resources and maximise the profitability of every project.

Specifically, it is about applying some of Venis Projects’ solutions and strengths to each of the six variables all project managers need to consider for a successful project outcome (time, cost, quality, safety, benefits and guarantee).  

The way in which a team of experts at the PORCELANOSA Group carry out research and offer advice to each customer really stands out: it means they can offer a comprehensive solution tailored to the customer’s needs, provide a bespoke quotation, and monitor the order from quality control of the ceramic tiles to safe transport.

As part of its major commitment to technology, the company has developed several digital tools that aim to bring products closer to professionals, and has also designed a fully intuitive website.

The idea behind it is to provide users with a reference website where they can look up materials, access graphics of the various collections and find out about ceramic trends. It has also set up profiles on the main social media networks so it can act as a source of inspiration for professionals.

The company is also working with its sustainability plan, including the production of eco-friendly collections (containing more than 95% recycled materials), meaning professionals can acquire international LEED + BREEAM certificates for their projects as well as resource-saving measures in production.

In short, Venis Projects is investing heavily in R&D&I so it can be at the forefront of the construction market, providing exceptional comprehensive solutions manufactured in its production plant and exceeding all the necessary quality controls.

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