October 19, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Venis presents Ontario, its new collection inspired by old French palaces

Worn-out looking materials with classic inspiration have become a trend in the world of design and architecture. Aware of this, when wanting to meet the demands in the sector, Venis, one of the firms belonging to the PORCELANOSA Group, has presented a past inspired collection at the Cersaie 2017 International Ceramics Fair, which, banks on futuristic technology and features.

With regard to Ontario floor tiles and wall tiles, this is a series that recreates a worn-out look, resembling the passing of time, through robust and eye-catching pieces that provide character to any type of atmosphere.

This design presents a marked shade variation, as well as an arrangement of up to 18 different pieces. Original materials from those old French palaces in southern France which have sadly deteriorated due to weather conditions, traffic, as well as the carriages used in those times.

From each of these elements the most exquisite pieces have been extracted and joined to create Ontario, a new product that brings the past up to speed with the present through technology that makes it unchangeable over time. A well as that, it requires hardly any maintenance or cleaning.

Ontario can be found in two different shades: Silver and Dark. Whereas the Silver shade offers a true reproduction of the original material, Dark is perfect for creating taking contrasts in any space, either in a house or in a contract project.

Additionally, it must be highlighted that Ontario can be found in two flooring formats of 60x60cm and 80x80cm, and two forms of covering. While one has a subtle relief, the other requires vertical installation due to the direction of its pegs, both coverings in 45x120cm format.

A most versatile material, which has a unique design that offers infinite aesthetic possibilities and decorative applications.

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