March 13, 2018 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Venis expands its Newport collection with a design created for contract spaces

Since its emergence about five years ago, the Newport collection by Venis has positioned itself as one of the Premium designs by this firm. Recently, on the occasion of the 25th PORCELANOSA Group International Global Architecture & Interior Design Exhibition, Venis presented a new model called Newport Nature, which finds its inspiration in old houses with softer graphics and patterns with regard to Newport. All this maintain the elegance and sophistication that characterises this collection which, has allowed it to be one of the most in demand products over the last few years.

By softening the graphic and its worn look, this new product becomes one of the first options for large surfaces, since it provides uniformity with its discreet shade variation and pattern. In this way, this innovation by Venis is perfect for hotels, shopping centres and public spaces with high people traffic, thanks to its easy maintenance and cleanliness.

Newport, the favourite option for interior designs

So far, Newport has played a leading role in private homes for both indoor and outdoor use. With this new design, it may also be installed in larger dimensions.

Currently, Newport is available in five colours: White, Beige, Natural, Gray and Dark Gray; which in turn, can be found in five formats: 80cmx80cm, 40cmx80cm, 59.6cmx59.6cm, 44.3cmx44.3cm and 45cmx90cm. The latter is only available in Natural shade.

Newport Nature is presented in the same tones and in two formats for floor tiles: 80cmx80cm and 59.6cmx59.6cm; and a 33.3cmx100cm format for wall tiles. In addition, it has a non-slip finish (C3) in the natural colour.

An excellent material in a cement finish

This innovation, inspired by cement floors, guarantees all the comforts of ceramics: it will not change over time, and it is capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, as well as having total control of the graphic, which means that a more stable piece will be achieved.

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