October 22, 2019


Venis brings the essence of nature back with its marble collections

Marble-inspired pieces give the rooms the elegance of a renovated classic.

The Indic, Rivoli, Artic, Magma Black and Praga collections combine aesthetic and functionality with carefully-worked finishes.  

Marble-inspired ceramic has become a must in the collections from Venis. The elegance and versatility conveyed by this finish is a strong commitment to creating current and exclusive design atmospheres.

Marble is one of the most sought-after and versioned trends nowadays, and Venis offers several collections in order to find the ideal one in each style and space.

Indic, the true representation of Breccia marble

The Indic collection reproduces the nuances of marble in the finest detail. In a greyish base and white veining, the set of pieces consists of 14 different patterns with which a great level of realism is achieved.

The collection offers the 80cm x 80cm and 59.6cm x 59.6cm formats for floor tiles and the 45cm x 120cm format for wall tiles. It is also available in the gloss and matt finishes.

Thanks to the improvement of the veining, we are dealing with hyper-realistic pieces which grasp natural light, increasing the light effect in the room in the process

Cubik Indic: marble in three dimensions

The indic collection goes a step further in the concept of interior design through its Cubik Indic wall tile decor. In the 45cm x 120cm format, this three-dimensional design creates small relief cubes in order to enhance the sense of luxury to the highest level.

Rivoli: reinventing the classicism of Carrara marble

The purest white of marble which was used in Roman constructions such as Ara Pacis (Rome) or the Forum of Augustus (Rome) is only interrupted by the fine grey veining in Rivoli.

The marble-effect wall tile which is suitable for both interior and exterior is available in two formats: 33.3cm x 100cm and 33.3cm x 59.2cm; the floor tile formats are 59.6cm x 59.6cm, 44.3cm x 44.3cm and 80cm x 80cm. Pieces which convey marble subtlety in fine detail while providing resistance and functionality alike.

Artic, highly-resistant pure white

The Artic collection is inspired by the quintessential colour of Ibiza, in other words, white, and the visual purity of the Arctic ocean subsoil. A surface whose veining uses Carrara marble as the perfect model while offering 16 patterns which ensure dynamism in its composition.

Its high resistance allows Artic to be installed in high-traffic spaces, therefore providing the room with brightness, visual spaciousness and a touch of distinction.

This marble-effect floor tile is available in 80cm ×80 cm and 59.6cm × 59.6cm, whereas  45cm × 120cm is the format for the wall tile.

Deco Infinito Artic | Deco Cubik Artic

In the Artic series, two types of decor can be found which, are geared towards giving the set both character and intensity, namely: Deco Infinito Artic in a 33.3cm x 100cm format; it traces horizontal parallel lines which visually expand the selected area. As well as that, we have Deco Cubik Artic with the 45cm x 100cm format; it creates a three-dimensional effect in small cubes which provides a sense of movement on the walls.

Magma Black, the beauty of eternity

Venis is inspired by the intensity of Marquina black marble to create the Magma Black. We are dealing with a compact and fine-grained rock that is characterised by its endless nuances which can be found in the white veins. They show fossil remains which enhance the intensity of the piece.

Available in a large format, Magma Black provides the spaces with continuity where the black colour leads the way. One can find two versions regarding floor tiles: 59.6cm x 59.6cm and 80cm x 80cm; the 33.3cm x 10cm size is for wall tiles.

Praga, current tradition

The objective of the Praga collection from Venis is to create a sense of immensity through two traditionally bright tones: White and Beige. Light colour schemes which gives serenity and calmness to the space. These features bring functionality and high technology together, resulting in Praga being a resistant and long-lasting collection.

Thanks to its inalterability to water, Praga is a magnificent choice for bathrooms and high-humidity areas. The collection is available in a 58.6cm × 58.6cm size for floor tiles, and in a 45cm x 120cm size for wall tiles.

Deco Lines Magma | Deco Infinito Magma

The collection also offers two types of decor to combine textures and finishes. Firstly, Deco Lines Magma consists of several parallel lines with little thicknesses which are very close together. Secondly, Deco Infinito Magma shows thicker lines.

These five collections from Venis have been thought up to provide each room with the required exclusivity. High-quality finishes and technological innovation which make the fineness of marble available to interior designers and architects with the guarantee of PORCELANOSA Group.

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