August 28, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Madagascar, a stony sobriety of intertwined lines

This collection by Venis is inspired by natural stone and it adapts to all decorative styles.

The material is available in white, beige and natural tones. It is showcased in two different finishes.

Inspired by natural stone, the Madagascar collection by Venis adapts to any type of decoration through its irregular patterns and veins.

This Premium 59.6cmx 59x6cm floor tile provides sobriety and elegance in its three tones: Blanco, Beige and Natural. To this chromatic range, the option of including two wall tile sets is added: Ona and Zeus.

Ona is made up of soft waves that give relief and depth to the piece. Both its 33.3cmx100cm and 33.3cmx 59.2cm formats convey a sense of movement similar to the surface of a calm lake.

For its part, Zeus has regular interwoven lines that boost the depth of its relief and add unique character to indoor areas.

Textures in motion

The aesthetic possibilities are multiplied thanks to the finish range that this ceramic wall tile and floor tile with a stony look presents. In this way, Madagascar becomes an ideal option for many spaces. From particular projects in which the stone effect gives a touch of sobriety to interior design contract projects.

Madagascar adapts to projects with a contemporary or minimalist style and it balances the different elements of the space. Intimate chromatic neutrality.

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