April 7, 2020 | Updated: April 14, 2020


Be inspired by the Venis collections and turn your house into the best office

The implementation of remote working has changed the way we organise and execute our working week.

To optimise time and get the job done, the PORCELANOSA Group has some decorative ideas for converting your home into a designer study.

Now that half the country is working remotely and our homes have become our new offices, it is a good time to turn your study into a haven of design. The Venis firm of PORCELANOSA Group suggests some practical tips to give the interior of your home a new look and to transform any corner or room into an optimal workspace.

Order, light, bright colours and minimalist decoration are key elements for achieving greater concentration and harmony in your professional work.

urban caliza nature 80x80_limit urban caliza nature 45x120 vancouver honey 25x150
Urban Caliza Nature & Vancouver Honey by Venis

1. Look for natural light

Rooms with large picture windows or exterior-facing windows will allow you to concentrate better and optimise your working time. Make use of sunlight and place the desk perpendicular to the window, creating a more natural and harmonious environment.

If your home is interior facing, we recommend placing an adjustable lamp on your desk or using a standing lamp with an LED bulb. This way, the light will fall directly on the surface you use for working and so you do have to overexert your eyes.

2. Order and sustainability

Order is the most important element for a modern and balanced workspace. The tidier your desk and the better organised your documents and everyday equipment, the more you will be able to make the most of your time. It is a very good idea to opt for filing cabinets, stationery holders and storage trays made from sustainable materials to protect the ecosystem.

newport natural 59.6x59.6_33x100_old natural 33.3x100 salon
Newport Natural by Venis

3. Choose neutral and light colours

The bedroom or living room has the potential to become the perfect office if the environment is adapted properly. We recommend redefining the use of the objects you have in place and adapting the setting to your professional profile. To do this, you can expand the space by removing any elements that you do not use or paint walls and furniture in neutral and light colours. White, beige, sky blue, green or grey will provide you with the energy and calm you need to work.

These shades perfectly match those naturally inspired ceramic floor tiles such as Vancouver Honey by Starwood, the ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group.

vancouver honey salon
Vancouver Honey by Venis

4. Choose ergonomic furniture

Personal comfort and well-being must prevail in any office. For this reason, we must select adaptable, lightweight and safe furniture that will facilitate your day-to-day work. Ergonomic tables and chairs with adjustable arms, seats and heights are usually one of the most recommended options for working in a pleasant environment, as is the case in this study from the Urban series by Venis.

urban caliza 80x80
Urban Caliza by Venis

5. Put a plant on your desk

Plants contribute more oxygen to the environment, reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. This is why we recommend placing one or two plants on your desk or in the room where you have set up your office. This integration of nature is also present in the Tanzania Almond collection by Starwood, combined with the Rivoli collection by Venis, the marble-inspired ceramic.

We also recommend airing the room daily to eliminate harmful particles and help you breathe cleaner air.

rhin gris 59.6X59.6 ona white matt 33.3x100 despacho
Rhin Gris y Ona White Matt de Venis

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