March 24, 2020


Venis’s ceramic collections become the hotel sector’s greatest ally

PORCELANOSA Group’s firm has multiple ceramic products that reproduce the textures and colours of natural materials such as wood or stone.

The Urban, Vela, Dakar and Mirage series are some of the most recommended proposals for this type of establishment, as they can help to create unique and unlimited spaces.

Over the years, the Venis brand of PORCELANOSA Group has opted for more natural and realistic collections with textures and colours that imitate cement, stone and wood.

A defence of timeless design and sustainability that has been very well received by the hotel sector. The latest products that this company has launched on the market have made it possible to unify the different rooms of a hotel with the same aesthetic, as the versatile series can be used as a floor tile or wall tile, thereby bringing together the interior design of a hotel and reinforcing the brand image.

Creating more spacious and harmoniously balanced rooms is possible with the Urban, Vela, Artic, Dakar or Mirage collections. These collections can be used to design integral spaces in which indoor and outdoor areas are connected through a unified structure, and they redefine the concept of “limited” with new chromatic and technical properties.

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Decorative cement

Inspired by the sobriety of cement, the Urban collection combines design and practicality in each of its pieces. Available in 100 cm x 100 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm formats for the floor tiles and 45 cm x 120 cm for the wall tiles, the four colours in this series (Acero, Caliza, Natural and Black) perfectly suit all hotels that have opted for an industrial or Scandinavian style. In addition, the wall tile can also incorporate two decorations (Cubik and Limit) which give spaces greater dynamism with horizontal lines and different volumes.

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The value of age 

Vela from Venis arises from the combination of very fine and natural aggregates, cracks and moisture that emerge from the subsoil. This means that all the pieces in the collection have small layers of black stone and fossil remains in each of the four shades: Smoked, Natural, Grey and Black. 

Thanks to its high resistance to extreme temperatures, its easy cleaning and maintenance and its resistance to impact and scratching, this series reproduces the appearance of quartz and several of its textures (matte, gloss and satin), enhancing the brightness of spaces and making each and every tile into another decorative element.

With 17 different designs, Vela is suitable for flooring (100 cm x 100 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm) and as a wall tile (45 cm x 120 cm). Vela wall tiles can also combine with the Tahití decoration, with polygonal shapes of different heights up to 5 mm.

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Ibiza from the hotel

The wild nature and peace that permeates the island of Es Vedrá is transferred into Artic. With white as the predominant colour (alluding to the Ibizan aesthetic), this collection recreates the veins and luminosity of Carrara marble and its texture is more natural thanks to the enamel layer.

With 16 patterns, the pieces in this series propose a new notion of space and allow for the creation of undefined hotel rooms with the floor tiles (80 cm x 80 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm) and wall tiles (45 cm x 120 cm).

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Such continuity is also present in its two decorations: Infinite Artic Deco (33.3 x 100 cm) and Deco Cubik Artic (45 cm x 120 cm), where straight parallel lines and three-dimensional patterns create curious combinations of cubes and geometric shapes that lighten the overall space.

A return to the origins of nature that is also shared by Mirage, the ceramic that reproduces natural stone in its four colours: Silver, Cream, White and Dark, which afford spaces a more original and harmonious touch.

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Connecting with nature

Starwood is the ceramic wood by PORCELANOSA Group and its design emulates the natural rings and veins of oak, cherry and walnut. Thanks to their resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance and their refined look, the five models of this series (Tanzania, Nebraska, Minnesota, Vancouver and Namibia) enhance the feeling of warmth and cosiness that is so sought after in a hotel.

Committed to the sustainability of the planet and to looking after the natural environment, the firm has just launched the greenest collection for this ceramic wood: Starwood Ecologic. This collection uses 95% recycled material and the CO2 emissions from the production process have been reduced by up to 40%. This allows hotels to obtain the LEED and BREEAM® international certifications for sustainable buildings.

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