February 12, 2019


Venis brings stone and cement together in its new Urban collection

Its stone-origin veining blends into the pieces, which allows for the space capacity to be expanded.

The colours: Caliza, Natural, Acero and Black; provide projects with sobriety in both of the floor tile and wall tile formats.

Bringing small stone and the sobriety of cement together is the origin of Urban and Urban Nature, the two collections by Venis.

Urban casual aesthetics

Thought up to be used as floor tiles and wall tiles, Urban has irregular blended veining which makes the space capacity bigger. Its four colours: Caliza, Natural, Acero and Black; reinforce the casual sober aesthetics of this collection. The floor tiles from the Urban collection come in the following formats: 100cmx100cm, 80cmx80cm and 59.6cmx59.6 cm; the available size in wall tiles is 45cmx120cm.

Earth and steel tones

The earth tones and the matt finish make Urban Nature achieve warmer and more private atmospheres. With the same colour palette as Urban: Caliza, Natural, Acero and Black; its pieces for flooring come in several sizes: 100cmx100cm, 80cmx80cm,
59.6cmx59.6cm and 44.3cmx44.3cm.

The floor tiles have been designed in the 45cmx120cm and 33.3cmx59.2cm formats (the latter not being rectified) and they have two décors: Cubik and Limit. The former shows square patterns with different depths, whereas Limit reproduces horizontal lines of different thicknesses, therefore playing with user’s visual perception. Colours and shapes which rewrite previous agreements on design.

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