August 9, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Venezia and Persia: the ceramic collections reinventing the distinction of marble

The new collections from Porcelanosa, Venezia and Persia, reinvent one of the most classic and decorative materials ever used : marble. An exquisite element, traditionally regarded as a luxury product and with palpable aesthetic properties: purity, delicacy and distinction.

These new porcelain series can be used in both flooring and coating. Moreover, its wide range of possibilities in terms of formats, rejuvenates its most traditional version, making them a perfect decorative choice for sophisticated and avant-garde spaces.

Venezia Collection:

Venezia draws on the Pulpis marble, a material from the Santa Madalena de Pulpis mines, unique around the world because of its special colour variety. These different projects make Venice the perfect complement both in classic environments and projects with more contemporary aesthetics, especially in combination with metallic materials, such as steel and aluminium.

The series is available in a gloss finish and in three different colours: Ivory, Taupe and Pulpis. With regard to the formats, we can find a 45x120cm in coatings and 59,6×59,6cm for flooring, both rectified.

Persia Collection

Excerpted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in Carrara (Italy), Carrara marble in which the Persia collection is inspired, is one of the most highly regarded natural stones in decoration. It stands out because of its colour purity, usually white or in blue and grey tones, its finish hardly has any veins, and its fine mealy texture and radiant polished gloss finish are features that we can find in the porcelain series from Porcelanosa.

The purity of white makes any interior rise to the highest aesthetical level when being combined with all kinds of colour tones in contrast, such as black, metal finishes such as gold and the trendy bronze or rosé.

Persia is available as a wall tile and rectified floor tile in a gloss finish and in white, in the 45x120cm format for walls and in the 59,6×59,6cm format for floors. Furthermore, the collection allows for providing texture and volume, thanks to the Forest Persia format, in other words, a hexagonal mosaic wall tile in a 31,6×59,2cm format.

The important advantage regarding these collections is the fact of taking the marble as a material that is turned into practicality. In order to carry this out, all its aesthetical strength is applied to the high-quality porcelain, which is highly resistant and requires little maintenance.

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