April 23, 2020


Urbatek opts for neutral colours for the lockdown

The PORCELANOSA Group firm’s ideas for redecorating the home include combining textures and using natural fabrics with colours such as white, beige or brown.

Confinement has stimulated many people’s creativity and their homes have become a laboratory for new ideas. Cookery, music, reading and decorating are among the hobbies pursued in hundreds of homes today, with social networks allowing people to share experiences with friends and neighbours.

Redecorating the home and giving it a fresh, up-to-date touch is a popular activity these days. Especially with the recent arrival of spring, which invites us to use lighter, more neutral colours and a more minimalist decor. This is Urbatek’s starting point for giving your home a new look.

Contrasting colours

The PORCELANOSA Group company recommends the use of two colour palettes to renovate your home: pastel shades and bright colours. For pastels, follow the principles of Feng Shui and combine colours such as pale pink, mint or sky blue with natural wood furniture or plants, items that will create greater balance in areas such as the living room or the main bedroom. The limitless XTONE collections, inspired by marble, can be used to tile floors and walls in these rooms to increase the sense of space.

Urbatek also suggests yellow, ochre, red, blue or orange to give greater vitality to areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or children’s bedroom.

Colores decorar la casa primavera xtone 5

These colours combine perfectly with collections such as Glem White and Ars Beige by XTONE or Ewood ceramic wood, also made by Urbatek. “Choosing the right colours is essential”, says the firm, “as the design of a space has a significant influence on our mood. Now that we are spending more time at home, we can renew our décor with combinations of textures, materials and decorative elements based on stone or marble. Finding the right balance between empty and used spaces and using combinations such as black and white or brown and green can renew not only the space itself, but also its meaning” concludes Urbatek.

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