February 26, 2014 | Updated: December 26, 2018


Urbatek facilitates reforming processes thanks to XLight

The upheavals that are caused by kitchen and bathroom reforms are one of the main reasons why users refrain from having work done in their homes. With the professionals and end clients comfort in mind, Urbatek proposes a different use for the XLight® superfine stoneware which is normally found on façades and technical projects of large spaces.

The reduced thickness of XLight allows the 3.5 mm thick pieces to be directly placed on top of the current ceramic covering. Thus, any filth and uncomfortable debris, which comes from removing old materials and slows reforming process, is prevented.

With this new manageable 100×50 cm format, the superfine stoneware collections by Urbatek allow reforming processes to be completed in record time, thanks to the large size of the tiles and its light weight, which facilitates its handling for workers.

Moreover, XLight improves the performance of standard ceramic coverings (class BIII) regarding absorption and resistance as it is catalogued as BIa class. Thus, the low porosity and durability of this material make it a great option for all types of settings, even kitchens and bathrooms.

Discover how simple the reforming process is with this superfine stoneware by PORCELANOSA Group in the following video.

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