February 11, 2014 | Updated: December 20, 2018


Urbatek explores the potential of cement aesthetics with the Xlight Concrete collection

The commitment to innovation by Urbatek has led the brand to convert a conventional material like cement into an elegant decoration. This proposal has caused high expectancy at the 21st International Exhibition of PORCELANOSA Group.

With the XLight Concrete stoneware collection, the PORCELANOSA Group brand proposes an extrafine ceramic covering with a cement-like appearance, combining the technical qualities of ceramic with the formal sobriety of cement.

Another advantage in this collection, thanks to the technology used in ceramic production, is that the end colours can be controlled, therefore achieving uniform colours which can be replaced if necessary, once the work has been completed.

Furthermore, enamelled cement has 0.1% water absorption and is free from hollow areas, therefore offering unbeatable benefits for projects such as schools and hospitals which require special hygienic conditions.

In contrast to slow and expensive cement modelling processes, the production and installation of stoneware by Urbatek  shortens the construction periods. In spite of the collections larger size, XLight is extraordinarily light which facilitates its installation. Moreover, it offers a high durability and resistance, avoiding cracks in façades and coverings.

The functionality and unmistakeable technical and aesthetic benefits of XLight Concrete by Urbatek make it a clear alternative to traditional options for many architects and interior designers when creating spaces in which the formal beauty of a severe and solemn material is the space’s main focus.

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