October 17, 2013 | Updated: October 18, 2018


Urban-c bathroom taps with light: Selecting water temperatures without any surprises

Noken has expanded one of its most avant-garde bathroom tap collections with a new model that introduces light to the water spout.In addition to the elegant shapes of this tap collection, Noken has included an innovating system that allows the user to know the temperature of the water without touching it. LED lighting is incorporated in the taps and changes to red or blue depending on the temperature of the water.The simple running of water sets off the spout’s lighting system by using turbines that turn this movement into energy; a process similar to the dynamos that set off bicycle lights.With this innovating system, Noken leaves the traditional symbols for selecting water temperatures a little further behind with this one single lever tap that goes red for hot water and blue for cold water.However, this is not all! This new model from the Urban-c collection by Noken is ecological as it incorporates a flow rate restrictor which reduces water consumption to a maximum of 4 litres a minute.

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