August 7, 2019


When the outdoors sneaks inside

There are projects in which the boundaries between the inside and the outside are blurry.  Although the doors are originally a method of entering and leaving, in some cases they are used as a way of bringing natural light in for the indoor rooms.

To match the internal distribution and make it compatible with people’s lifestyles, it is necessary to take several matters into account. Regarding the doors, we must know where they are and what their purpose is. How to connect the indoors with the outdoors.


Outdoor doors at home

The design of the entrance doors is generally related to security and privacy. However, installing a glass panel in this place can change a hall.

With regard to rear doors, those which are opened to the garden or the patio, their purpose is more functional, serving as a connection between the living areas of the home and outdoors.

For residents of apartments with balconies, the access door can make the difference between a closed space and another apparently more spacious and connected with nature. You can gain metres visually, even if the balcony is small.


Basic tips

One of the outdoor doors’ functions is their tightness and insulation capacity, preventing any type of air flows from coming in. It is best to include a weather strip under the door or any other method which prevents water getting in.

If we want to opt for glass for this type of door, we have to keep in mind that below a certain height, the safety glass (or sheet) is mandatory. Its rotation should also be considered if this opens inwards or outwards.


Door types

There are different types of doors. The most common home styles are those with single or double leaf, French doors, half doors, sliding doors or folding doors with multiple leaves.

Accordion style doors 

For living rooms overlooking the garden, and whenever the space permits it, a folding glass door can completely remove the barriers between the inside and the outside. Even when closed, they provide a lot of light.

Double doors

The double sliding doors are perhaps the most popular for the garden. Among their advantages, there is the superposition of one leaf on another, remaining hidden and occupying less space. As with those with the accordion style, the double-leaf door is most effective when fully glazed. Generally, the width of the opening depends on the weight of the leaf.

The right place for each door

Since each home is different, it is important to bear in mind its orientation: where the sun rises and sets in each room; the prevailing winds; the arrangement of the room or where the garden is located before opting for what type of door is the most appropriate and where it should be placed.

What is this room going to be used for? Where are the best views? With the right door, your home and its connection with outdoors will be changed.


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