February 17, 2020


Twelfth PORCELANOSA Awards Finalists: Domani, the home of tomorrow, would not be what it is without Krion™

This project from Italian studio Laboratorio di Architettura has reached the final stage of the awards in the Professionals category of the Design of the Year.

Its façade has been built using the PORCELANOSA Group Solid Surface, enabling the house to blend with the urban aesthetic of Reggio Emilia.

Giving the project the name Domani (tomorrow in Italian) as an allusion to the futurist and eclectic style that makes more of less, architects Elena Cattani and Marco Ruggieri from studio Laboratorio di Architettura have built the industrial home using PORCELANOSA Group’s most sustainable materials.

1 Domani Laboratorio di Architettura Premios Porcelanosa

Breathing clean air with Krion™ K-Life

The project, located in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia, got to the final of the Twelfth Porcelanosa Awards in the Professionals section of the Design of the Year, thanks to its eco-efficient and avant-garde character.

Its façade, designed with Krion™ K-Life 1100, is the best example of inclusive architecture that integrates new buildings into the urban aesthetic of cities.

Due to its increased resistance against high temperatures and impacts, and hygienic composition (it prevents fungal and bacterial growth) and non-porosity, Krion Solid Surface has become a key ally for architects.

3 Domani Laboratorio di Architettura Premios Porcelanosa

Krion™ K-Life is also photocatalytic. This means the material is activated when it comes into contact with light, and helps to decontaminate the air by eliminating bacteria from its surface.

The mineral compact is reflective and white, and thermoformed, giving it a diaphanous, rectangular structure with the same minimalist design on the interior and exterior.

The zones are united by Ferroker flooring from Venis, inspired by metallic concrete, giving a sense of breadth to the spaces.

This limitless effect is heightened by the almost seamless positioning of the pieces, with multiple decorative possibilities for the property.

7 Domani Laboratorio di Architettura Premios Porcelanosa

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