April 26, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Trends | Smaller bathrooms: how to fit them out to get more breadth and functionality

Lofts or apartments in the big city often involve very few square metres. In these flats of small dimensions everything is reduced down to the bare essentials. The diaphanous and integrated spaces prevail, combining several rooms in one.

Another repeated feature is leaving the kitchen or the bathroom on the second level, relegating the latter to a mere functional room having only which is useful and practical in everyday life.

With a series of guidelines and the most advanced equipment from the PORCELANOSA Group, you can achieve a functional, comfortable and smaller bathroom, with the highest technology and elegant and sophisticated aesthetics.

The evolution of contemporary bathrooms: from functional space to experiential room

In recent years, the bathroom has developed into an experiential room. New terms, such as design and technology are now the main attractions, joining functionality to provide a unique and comprehensive bathroom experience. Modern bathroom equipment maintains its practicality, occupying the minimum space in small bathrooms, without renouncing either elegance or a high-level of comfort for the person using it. In addition, it includes high technology for easier use, sustainable and adapted to the needs of each one, so that the experiential journey through the bathroom is totally customized.

Smaller bathrooms: how to get more amplitude with the equipment

PORCELANOSA Group, through Noken, its bathroom equipment firm, provides innovative solutions to meet the needs of small or compact bathrooms. Combining design and functionality, these designs make using of the bathroom a useful and practical experience again, with exquisite modernity and exclusivity. From toilets, to washbasins, cabinets and even bathtubs that adapt perfectly to smaller bathrooms, with Noken it is much easier to get more breadth and spaciousness without renouncing either warmth or comfort.

Reduced basins: occupying the minimum space

The PORCELANOSA Group guarantees the use of space through the Urban-C and Acro Compact basins by Noken. Coming in a size of 45cm and 35cm respectively, these basins are perfect for being integrated into any room or bathroom style. In addition, they have a smaller design in which the necessary space is used while completely meeting with daily toilet needs.

Wall hung pans: high-level design in the air

Noken offers its wall hung pans from the NK Concept series. With a concealed cistern, they offer a very clean space, visually speaking. The main feature of this kind of sanitaryware is that they save space in the bathroom, being ideal for compact rooms, and at the same time, they facilitate the cleaning and maintenance in general.

Traditional toilets with smaller depth

Noken, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Group, also offers the possibility of opting for traditional toilets with a more reduced look, little projection and depth. Urban-C and Acro Compact are the two perfect collections for compact bathrooms that save space although they come with a cistern.

Apart from selecting small equipment to optimize the space in the bathroom, it is possible to follow a series of decorative guidelines which facilitate the visual amplification. For example, having a neat and organized bathroom is one of them, as well as tinkering with the breadth through large windows and mirrors in key locations. Natural light also amplifies and provides brightness, and tall cabinets become a perfect storage solution which help in getting valuable extra space. This way, every centimetre in the bathroom is important.

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