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Trends in architecture and interior design for 2017: PORCELANOSA Group and the house of the future design

What will houses in the future be like? This is something that we have surely asked ourselves before. We are curious to know where architecture and interior design will take us, and if it is still too soon to know, but what is possible is to make out where trends in architecture and interior design are heading next year in 2017.

Homes have changed in recent years. Technology has invaded the home, turning them into smart homes. Visual barriers have been eliminated, expanding spaces and making them homogenous and more practical, and firmly committing to energy efficiency, ensuring ecological commitment and sustainability.

These are just some of those trends which develop the houses of the future. In fact, it is necessary to pay attention to just what the firms from the sector show at the International Fairs to know where the advances in design are heading to. PORCELANOSA Group, as a leading company in the sector is a trend setter, creating and designing new materials and products which, without a doubt, can revolutionize the concept of current housing. 100% Design and Cersaie, at the International Fair in Bologna, already showed us these evolutionary trends, trends that will culminate and give us an idea about what 2017 will be like at the 24th PORCELANOSA Group International Exhibition.


If energy efficiency has determined architecture’s course in 2016, it will continue to do so even more in 2017. Energy expenditure reduction is one of PORCELANOSA Group’s premises through Butech, its specialised firm in building systems, which offers its revolutionary Concept of ventilated facade. An innovative project in facades that are complemented by the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral, which allows the creation of author projects; and large-format ceramics, specifically the full through body porcelain tile from Urbatek.

Floor tiles and wall tiles

Trends in interior design in terms of floor tiles and wall tiles point towards 2017 with the usual materials such as marble, stone, wood or cement, but with a new sense, a new conception.

Marble, for example, comes as a ceramic project, through the XLight Premium porcelain tile from Urbatek, which guarantees a high resistance and easy placement, but with a very true appearance to the original marble. In addition, this new XLight with a marble appearance comes in rich designs, with several shades and polishes.

Ceramic wood is also the main attraction in 2017, in interior design with character, and it is so through floor tiles and wall tiles such as those offered by Venis. Oak type wood with tinted, black, salmon-pinkish and treated finishes. For its part, Porcelanosa also releases several new projects in ceramic wood, and it does so in the shape of the flooring and coating with great warmth, authenticity and aesthetic beauty, which undoubtedly are perfect for Nordic and vintage, modern and contemporary houses.

Stone and cement are other materials very much in fashion lately. Next year, they will become a milestone in interior design. Venis proposes cosmos type rocky stones such as quartzite or mica, whereas Porcelanosa and Urbatek opt for cement through large ceramic tiles and great quality for interior design in industrial dyes.

Another trend for 2017 is mosaics, which, undoubtedly, through companies such as L’Antic Colonial, arrives to revolutionize today’s homes. They emphasize geometric mosaics, capable of providing personality to spaces and making them unique.

Innovation in building systems is another of the guidelines to take into account in the houses of the future. From revolutionary placement materials to continuous Premium wall tiles such as the Micro-Stuk Design from Butech. In decorative profiles, metal profiles will proliferate this 2017, matching with the most premium taps or kitchen fittings.


Bathrooms in 2017 will become more relevant in the home. They will turn into an experiential room, but without giving up the maximum functionality of their elements, relaxation and comfort. In addition to the KRION® acrylic stone, which allows for the creation of light, sinuous and compact bathrooms without joints. Systempool is committed to the “customised bathroom”, through the unit series with the possibility of adaptation. Gamadecor offers a more romantic, warm and comfortable bathroom, favouring renewed classic materials such as wood or stone.

Noken, for its part, has highly technological, modern and elegant equipment, with matt white or satin sanitaryware and basins manufactured in high range ceramics. Taps also recover the design inspired by Zaha Hadid in the emblematic Vitae bathroom collection. This is rounded, geometric and highly organic.


Future kitchen equipment leads us to get bigger and more spacious kitchens, acquiring prominence as an essential part of the house. Regarding design, we opt for kitchens that do not look like kitchens, with a workspace with practical and elegant countertops.

PORCELANOSA Group is committed to the sophistication from Emotions® in rustic finishes, including wood, stone and even worktops in KRION® Solid Surface or XLight. New finishes, laminates and colours which make kitchen design a relevant commitment in 2017. Gamadecor also provides design in lighting through its innovative kitchen lamp designs.

More trends in architecture and interior design for the new year at the 24th PORCELANOSA Group Exhibition.

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