March 8, 2022


Round mirrors for decorating bathrooms in style

These elements give more character and depth to interiors and adapt to any style of decoration.

Round mirrors have gone from just another resource in bathrooms to an ideal element for any type of room. With a simple and functional design, this type of accessory enlarges spaces and brings more light to interiors. Look below to see some decorative tricks for the bathroom with circular mirrors by PORCELANOSA Group.

Round mirrors for minimalist bathrooms

If you want to give your bathroom an original and modern touch to bring out its interior design, installing round mirrors in XL or with natural wood or rattan frames will give your bathroom a more dynamic touch. Esa es la línea estética que siguen modelos como Balda Mirror de L’Antic Colonial, Pure (sin marco) o Tono de Foster+Partners, ambos pertenecen a la firma Krion. This latest model blends a modern design with a classic feel thanks to its refined face and touch sensor, which allows the user to switch the light on and off to improve energy efficiency.

To add more luminosity and a greater sense of space, a backlit round mirror can be hung over the washbasin, which will heighten the personality of every nook and cranny and lighten the walls. The Moon and Aro models by Krion® fulfil these functions and combine effortlessly with any type of interior design, especially with Nordic or Mediterranean styles.

Round mirrors with metallic frames or matt colours (black or white) are also one of the most popular accessories, especially in small bathrooms that look to add space. Models such as Duna by Gamadecor will douse every corner of the bathroom in freshness.

Round mirrors for colourful bathrooms

More and more people are combining different textures and colours in the bathroom. Interspersing bright tones such as green, blue or purple with white ceramic wall tiles, wooden floor tiles, marble imitation floors, suspended furniture or stone basins will make your bathroom as modern as it is sophisticated.

Round mirrors play a particularly important role in this assemblage of furniture and materials, because you can use them to play with light and volume and produce greater harmony between areas. This is the case of the Tono backlit mirror by Noken (designed exclusively by Foster+Partners for the brand), whose perimeter lights give the bathroom extra brightness and create a magnet effect. There is also the Smart Line model, whose clean and symmetrical face accentuates the decoration of the main areas and favours uninterrupted design.

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