April 15, 2020


Transform your bathroom into a spa during the quarantine

Escaping from the onslaught of information through aromatherapy or colour therapy, opting for neutral or cool colours, playing with natural textures and creating corners of soft light are some ideas for transforming your bathroom into the perfect haven.

The concentration of activities within the home has changed the way we live and work. This is why many experts advise setting an activity schedule and being organised so our vital rhythms are not disrupted by the confinement. Doing sports, yoga, listening to music or setting break routines by transforming the bathroom into a spa can help you to cope with the quarantine period in the healthiest way possible.

Here are some tips to turn your bathroom into a space for relaxation and tranquillity.

  • Choose soft light. To have a balanced and harmonious bathroom, the most important thing is to have indirect and soft lighting. The use of energy-saving lamps, floor lights, fixed lighting with LED bulbs or mirrors with integrated light, such as those in the Pure Line or Vitae collection is recommended. Both are from Noken, a PORCELANOSA Group firm. To eliminate dark areas, we recommend using aromatic candles, which create a more intimate and natural ambience.
  • The power of colour therapy. Choosing neutral or cool colours such as turquoise blue, white, green or grey will balance the different areas of the bathroom and allow you to disconnect from confinement through colour therapy. A relaxation technique that can also be achieved with Noken’s Lounge Wellness Showers collection shower heads. With 16 shades to choose from, the user can combine colours and water rhythms to achieve a complete sensory experience through the benefits of water.
  • Plants that purify the environment. Plants not only help to improve air quality in indoor spaces, but also to absorb moisture and help eliminate bad energy, according to the feng shui philosophy. To reconnect with nature and improve your personal care, you can use plants such as aloe vera, philodendron or ivy, which will give your bathroom greater vitality and luminosity.
  • Accessories that help keep things tidy.Tidiness and cleanliness are fundamental in any space, but even more so in the bathroom. We recommend keeping surfaces clear and using baskets, cupboards with several compartments or trolleys. This way you can organise all your items and enjoy a relaxing bathroom without any obstacles in your way.

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