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Touza Arquitectos’ vision of architecture and interior design

Julio Touza Rodríguez has led the Touza Arquitectos studio for 35 years, with a multidisciplinary vision of architecture that has allowed them to undertake a diverse range of projects from urban planning to restoration of historic buildings, not to mention interior design. Recently, the studio has focused on the development of large corporate headquarters and residential facilities, projects which have become hallmarks of the firm.

Recently, Touza Arquitectos was a winner at the 7th Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the category of completed projects, for the design of the 3M Technical Centre in Madrid (CTC Iberia). This is why the Lifestyle & Porcelanosa magazine wanted to know more about the vision of those in charge of this studio which understands architecture as a service to society without giving up beauty.

For Julio Touza Rodríguez and Julio Touza Sacristán, in the current economic situation, many architecture studios have expanded their interior design services to counterbalance the financing problems which limit the development of other types of larger scale projects, opting for projects more closely related to restoration. In Julio Touza Rodríguez’ words, “Spain has finally looked back at its heritage of construction. In the current context, developing more land is illogical”. He adds, “Heritage tends to deteriorate, and we have done wrong in not being good conservationists”.

In this sense, those responsible at Touza Arquitectos are proud to have restored the new Gran Vía Casino with Steelman & Partners, “a historical building that we have restored and in which Porcelanosa has participated with Krion® and with all the bathrooms and taps by Noken”.

Additionally, the studio encourages the large-scale development of cities in terms of infrastructures and public transport, so that “now it will again be valuable to live in the centre,” explains Julio Touza Sacristán. This is why “there is a clear trend in restoration of residential buildings in the centres of large cities.”

In terms of the use of new materials, Touza Rodríguez highlights the need for innovation in the development in new materials and techniques for the development of architecture. On this point, the architect notes, “For us it is a delight that companies like Porcelanosa do not just make the same products, but instead innovate with materials such as Krion®, which opens the doors to new solutions and double skin treatments in facades, such as in the recently completed 3M Innovation Centre.”

Don’t miss the full interview with Touza Arquitectos in issue 24 of Lifestyle & Porcelanosa magazine.

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