November 13, 2019


The ‘Tomo’ desk furniture from Gamadecor rewrites how the bathroom is used

Designed in oakwood and with a round mirror, this set finds its inspiration in the cutting edge creations by La Bahaus; it provides a more artistic touch to the rooms.

Its KRIONTM countertop stands out from the rest because of its resistance, easy cleaning, its antibacterial character and its imperceptible joints.

When La Bahaus reaches its 100th year, that architecture, design and art school founded in Weimar by the German architect, Walter Gropius in 1919; Gamadecor (Porcelanosa Group), the bathroom company has wanted to pay tribute to it, as well as continuing with that legacy which highlighted the function over the shape making a new art in the process for craftmanship.

These are the postulates that Tomo has followed, the new bathroom furniture that the company has designed, which has followed the phrase: ‘less is more’. Carved in oakwood and with a KRIONTM surface, this set turns the spatial geometry into a new artistic trend with pure, simple and smooth shapes. This is what the round mirror has, which shows the totality of this set and the rectangular countertop from KRIONTM.


Precisely, the pure white which gives shape to this mineral compact highlights the design neatness in general. This combination of wood and KRIONTM creates contrasts in the bathroom. Firstly, it reproduces this colonial style furniture from the 18thcentury, but at the same time, it shows off a cutting edge design which finds its inspiration in geometric figures and polygonal lines.


 To this innovative appearance, resistance, easy cleaning and low maintenance are added; as well as hardly any joints and the antibacterial features that KRIONTM has. Those aforementioned qualities strengthen the timeless and unique interpretation that all the pieces have.

Tomo influences the character of the space and it places focus on its very own distinctive features by way of shelving which is based on a beam with a lateral opening.

Craftmanship on a par with Fine Arts.

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