April 21, 2020 | Updated: December 10, 2020


4 tips from Venis to create the perfect reading corner to get you through lockdown

The PORCELANOSA Group firm gives you a number of home decoration ideas, so you can create your own ultimate library space and enjoy all the benefits of reading.

Isolation has changed our routines and habits. Now, with the streets emptied of noise and people, time is the only things that passes by: reading has become our best ally in the fight against coronavirus.

With more time than ever to read during quarantine, we’re mostly reading novels, essays, and stories. A recent study from the digital reading platform Nubico reflected just this, estimating that Spanish people are spending 9.7 hours a week reading electronic books, representing an additional hour per week since isolation began.

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The report also shows a 32% increase in the number of books read, with historical novels becoming the preferred genre of Spanish people (read nine times more than usual). The trend shows that reading isn’t just a way for us to escape reality, it also offers multiple benefits to the reader, such as increasing brain stimulation and further developing our empathic and imaginative capacity, as well as encouraging concentration and reducing cognitive degeneration.

And where we read plays a pivotal role in developing a reading habit. The way the room is lit, how we organise our books and decorative objects, and the use of light colours, are all ideas the Venis brand from PORCELANOSA Group proposes to create the perfect reading space.

1. Find a bright, cosy space

If you want to dedicate yourself fully to reading, silence is key. This is why Venis recommends setting up your reading corner in an open lounge space, with plenty of natural light and warm materials. Vancouver Nude and Vancouver Moka ceramic wood from Starwood are great examples of the kind of rustic, intimate feel that any library needs. Reproducing the grain and colour of natural wood, the collection enhances the brightness of spaces, creating a literary refuge to escape to with each book.

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Vancouver Brown by Venis

2. Choose a comfy chair

You want your reading time to be pleasant and enjoyable, so we recommend choosing a sofa or comfy armchair with a fixed or reclining backrest and armrests, and timeless matt flooring such as Newport Natural Nature by Venis. In terms of upholstery, it’s preferable to go for natural, clean, and lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, or wool fabrics such as Cheviot. If your reading space is in your living room, L-shaped, Chesterfield, or chaise longue style sofas will improve your reading experience – and your comfort.

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Newport Natural & Old Natural by Venis

3. Unify your design with soft, balanced colours

To create a simple and balanced reading corner your best option is to choose neutral, warm tones such as white, beige, grey, or pale pink: these will not only enhance the personality of your space, but will give you the serenity you need to read.

If on the contrary you want to create a more original and vibrant space, you could choose colours such as yellow, green, vintage blue, red, or burgundy. You could also look at colour combinations, such as black and white or different blends of earthy shades, giving your home more energy and vitality.

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Vancouver Nude by Venis

4. The importance of a good lamp

Choosing a good lamp and a good bookcase where you can organise your books according to author or subject is the first thing to do when designing your library. Standard lamps or LED table lamps, desk lamps with flexible arms, or wall lights, can all create a more inviting ambience and make reading easier, without you having to strain your eyes.

Choosing the right flooring and wall covering is also key to achieving a harmonious and unique space. Venis opts for whiter and more realistic collections such as Mirage White and Artic, which will in turn reinforce the sense of solitude and order you need to disconnect from the outside world.

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Mirage White & Deco Mirage White by Venis

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