November 15, 2021


Porcelanosa's most innovative metallic-effect tiles

Geometric, embossed, de-ionised or texturised to simulate a rust effect are just some of the metallic-effect tiles proposed by PORCELANOSA for this season.

Inspired by copper, steel or gold, these new PORCELANOSA ceramic tiles with metallic effects increase the brightness of the room and offer a more modern touch to homes and commercial spaces thanks to their innovative design.

Imitation metal tiles for floors and walls

Designed to be used as floor or wall tiles, collections such as Steel in Acero or Antracita finishes (PORCELANOSA) can be placed on either floors and walls. This porcelain stoneware has a rugged design and its grey contrasts extend the boundaries of living rooms and bedrooms and perfectly fit into industrial- or Nordic-style interiors.

To offer a more exclusive look to bathrooms or dining rooms, Cubica Silver and Shine Aluminio by PORCELANOSA will turn the walls into artistic murals where silver lights dance and dazzle. These collections appear even more sophisticated when combined with the Pro-Part decorative profiles of the Metal Collection (Butech), which frame each piece and enhance its design through brilliant details.

If you want to change the aesthetics of your home in a way that is both classic and up to date, try the Faces ceramic cladding from L'ac. Although its design perfectly imitates three-dimensional steel mosaics, its composition provides greater dynamism to interiors thanks to its refined edges and vertices. Its shades range from matt black to silver, from white to gold, and reinforce the character of each space.

Decorative panels with an aged metal effect

Another collection that reproduces the appearance of the aged metal is Oxide by XTONE®, whose large pieces imitate the texture of natural slate (Grey) or de-ionised copper (Brown). These styles can work to unite interior and exterior spaces by highlighting the luminosity and purity of each form through infinite walls or worktops that appear to be sculpted from natural stone.

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