June 11, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


The 11th Porcelanosa Awards: A three-dimensional design in line with Barcelona’s landscape

The TR HOUSE design by PMMT Arquitectura was a finalist in the category of Completed Projects.

The KRION® Solid Surface allows for the space functionality and the spaciousness alike to be intensified.

Its compact morphology has made it possible to have the TR HOUSE urban conditions defined. This single-family home in Barcelona, spread out over three floors, establishes a connecting link with the watercourse and it blends in excellently with the landscape and the surrounding buildings.

Thought up by: Patricio Martínez González, Maximià Torruella i Castel, Alex Herráez Roig, Luis Gotor and Joana Cornudella Albà; the intelligent arrangement of the elements has taken this project to become a finalist at the 11th PORCELANOSA Group Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the Completed Projects category.

Volume combination in the central patio area

The pure lines and soft angles of this building blend in with the environment through a cubicle. It is there where the dynamic surfaces stand out, a result of the copper-treated chestnut wood tongue-and-grooved slats which characterise the façade. The openings in this area provide the user with a reserved space away from any prying eyes.

The volume combination, arranged around the central patio area, makes the light reach all the rooms. The perimeter corridor which joins exterior and interior, makes it possible for all the areas in the home to meet in the middle.

Structures covered in Krion white

The harmony in this house, thought up in order to follow the daily rhythm, is achieved with the KRION® Solid Surface, in other words, the perfect technological solution. Its resistance and durability provide visual continuity thanks to its thermoforming characteristic in curved sections.

The pure white balances the natural wood, as well as giving the atmosphere serenity, and it is completed with floor-to-ceiling wall tiles, in the glazed stoneware by Porcelanosa.

The moving geometry in the TR HOUSE project enhances the intimacy for the occupants and takes them to the origin of nature. The origin of the universe.

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