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The White Collection: white at its best

The new catalogue from Porcelanosa brings all its white wall tiles together and puts forward different combinations with other ceramic materials from the company.

Thought up to be a digital tool to help interior designers, architects and other professionals in the sector, this document shows the technical and creative advantages which come with its collections.

A new dimension of white without artifice or tricks. That is the tone which has been used in The White Collection, the new catalogue from Porcelanosa, which has turned the neutral features of this colour into a universal solution.

Available in both physical and digital format, this catalogue not only brings all the white ceramic wall tiles from the company together, but also comes with the different textures and combinations that can be done with white as the main theme.

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Oxo Deco XL 45 cm x 120 cm + Marmi China XL 45 cm x 120 cm

Divided into three groups: Colours, Design and Texture; all the collections in this catalogue are offered as a style guideline for those professionals in the sector to get to know the technical and colour features of each piece.

White on white

Thought up to be a tool for work and daily consultation, this catalogue shows several sections, depending on the features and textures of each piece. Smooth collections, with geometrical shapes or with rough lines are some of the possibilities offered by this book in white.

With eight different bases in white, in the Colors and Design chapters, different finishes are shown: gloss, matt and pearl. The Texture section deals with those pieces with relief or granulated, and several combinations with various decors  and ceramic floor tiles inspired by natural stone and cement are offered.

Stripe Matt 45 cm x 120 cm

Mediterranean colours

In the Colors section, Porcelanosa aims to combine its different bases in white with the colourful  White & Colors  wall tiles. White is used as a basis and it also enhances the brightness from the Málaga and Ronda collections (White & Colors). This mixture makes space liveliness stronger, which become artistic places full of light and colour balance. Pure Mediterranean air.

Málaga White 20 cm x 31,6 cm

Natural Design

The designs that are shown in Design find their inspiration in natural materials such as wood and marble, and the collections offered match with those Nordic and vintage spaces. Wall tiles such as Lexington Cognac and Listón Madera Roble imitate the pattern and texture of old wood like the oak and walnut. Taco Oxford Cognac and Natural create some unique wooden mosaics which provide spaces with greater dynamism. The design of opposing pieces along with the realism shown by the veining, create an effect of movement in the rooms, as well as a three-dimensional reality based on a combination of volumes.

Jersey Mix 31,6 cm x 90 cm + Jersey Nieve 31,6 cm x 90 cm

New textures

Texture highlights the character of the wall tiles with relief and the ones with geometrical features. The wide range of formats and possibilities makes these designs adapt to the spaces and not the other way round.

Mosaico Matt 45 cm x 120 cm

A blank canvas for painting on.


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