January 22, 2014 | Updated: October 18, 2018


The ventilated façade by Butech obtains the ICC certification

The American International Code of Council has awarded the prestigious ICC certification to the ventilated façade developed by Butech with porcelain stoneware by PORCELANOSA Group.

It’s the only building system to obtain the ICC-ES certification for installing ventilated façades with porcelain stoneware in the United States, which just guarantees the materials quality and exclusivity for architects when tackling new projects.

The ICC-ES certification endorses the thermal and damp resistance in the ventilated façade system by Butech covered with porcelain stoneware by the Porcelanosa Group. This distinctive feature was obtained through a long testing process carried out in accordance with the ASTM American standards. It ensures that all materials used in the ventilated system are in compliance with the ANSI standards of market quality.

The International Code Council of North America is the most important institute in the United States for testing and certifying building systems. Its tests and certifications are internationally renowned and are accepted in several countries all over the world.

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