January 29, 2014 | Updated: October 18, 2018


The timeless beauty of Hainaut stone in the Rocher collection by Venis

Venis introduces its new collection inspired by a rock typical to the Hainaut region of Belgium. The very name of the collection by Venis, “Rocher” means “stone” in French, reveals its design.

As can be sensed, Rocher is a ceramic covering in through-body porcelain by Ston-ker that imitates the surface of the natural stone found in this region. To achieve the wide tonal variety of Hainaut stone, its surface has a natural finish with significant variations in colour.

It is the perfect material for use as flooring thanks to its great resistance and hardness, and it is available in rectangular formats measuring 59.6 x 59.6 cm and 44 x 66 cm, creating perfect finishes with almost unnoticeable joins.

In addition, as it is virtually waterproof, it can be used in outdoor spaces and it responds well to temperature changes and other weather conditions.

A new collection from Venis for constructing exclusive spaces where natural beauty plays a prominent role.

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