March 27, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The sculptor Quico Torres chose Krion® for his new creations

Krion®’s resistance and malleability are just some of the features which led the artist from Alicante (Spain) to use the PORCELANOSA Group solid surface to create a new three sculpture series: Danzar, Sueños and Edén.

Quico Torres used suggesting and dynamic shapes to create energetic and vital pieces, which characterise these elegant works. The ethereal white Krion® designs immediately arouse the onlooker’s emotions.

This material’s strength after being moulded, and its ability to create clean and perfect designs aided the artist in his creation phase. As explained by the actual sculptor, “Krion® lets me work with endless impossible shapes and push my imagination to the limit”.

The artist also decided to use this compact mineral as a result of its pure whiteness, wide colour range and Light Lux range, being the features which allowed him to create designs where light emerges from the works interior.

The author’s three sculptures were showcased at the PORCELANOSA Group 21st International Exhibition and can be visited until December at the Systempool headquarters in Vila-real. Furthermore, the work shall also be exhibited at important international exhibitions for architecture and interior design trade fairs such a Temporary Museum for New Design, during Milan Design Week.

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