October 7, 2022


LaFinca Gran Café and Sky Villas, two new premium spaces with products from the Porcelanosa Group

Un lifestyle center, un complejo residencial y un campo de golf interconectados, ubicados en el municipio madrileño de Pozuelo de Alarcón

LaFinca is synonymous with constructive sophistication, and for this reason, Susana García-Cereceda, executive president of the business group, received the award for her professional career at the latest edition of the PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards.

Currently, the premium developer is working on an ambitious architectural project integrating materials from the Spanish multinational. The result: an ensemble of buildings focused on the user experience and safety, with a modern and timeless aesthetic.

A groundbreaking shopping centre

Design, technology and innovation in a unique setting. The more than 600,000 people who live or work in the area will enjoy an exceptional shopping and restaurant experience. LaFinca Grand Café ofrecerá más de 10.000 metros cuadrados con una amplia oferta de restaurantes y establecimientos, y con vistas a LaFinca Golf Los Lagos, que será el campo de golf más grande de España.

El equipo de A+D de LaFinca -encargado de diseñadores del centro comercial- han elegido el sistema de Krion® C-Bolt, de Butech, para revestir los 2.900 metros cuadrados de fachada, así como el material de última tecnología de revestimiento Coverlux™ en zonas interiores, ambos productos de PORCELANOSA Group. The new construction incorporates the latest technology to ensure a better user experience. Wi-Fi connectivity and 5G network deployment provides advanced management capabilities, making it possible to identify risks and act effectively to achieve a safe and intelligent space. The building will have a digital platform, which will allow for the management of footfall, visitors and vehicles, with the support of biometric detectors, turnstiles or vehicle barriers.

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A modern and safe residential complex

Nature and architecture are in perfect tandem in this residential complex characterised by its expansive outdoors spaces, communal areas, privacy, safety, comfort and quality. LaFinca Sky Villas merges the concepts of single-family and multi-family housing into a unique architectural design. A total of 48 homes that live up to the name of the development: villas in the sky. For the first time in Spain, a model is being built that truly responds to that definition of Sky Villas.

The interiors have been completed using product for the PORCELANOSA Group. Los 14.000 m2 del frente del parque de viviendas se han revestido con la fachada ventilada porcelánica, empleando los modelos cerámicos Stark White y Matika Acero, de Porcelanosa. Para el pavimento de interior, se ha utilizado el modelo Ferroker Platino, de Porcelanosa, y en exterior el sistema de colocación sobre plots, de Butech.

"Materials are one of the important elements of a project. In our case, we have dedicated many hours to this aspect of the project, as the materials give the building its image and identity, guaranteeing comfort and durability over time. Finding the right material for the finish, texture, durability and suitability is a powerful tool that PORCELANOSA Group has made available to us. The fluidity in working with the different departments has allowed us to find solutions for each construction scenario," says Raquel Castellanos, director of LaFinca's architecture studio.

La orientación norte-sur facilita la entrada de la luz natural por los grandes ventanales y baña las estancias conectadas entre sí. The layout of the building, coupled with the energy efficiency of the systems included in the construction, helps to reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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