December 3, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The quality of the through-body porcelain by Urbatek, 100% tested and guaranteed

The wide-ranging high performance of the large-scaled through-body porcelain tile by Urbatek, makes this material suitable for both interior and exterior floor tiles and wall tiles, and furthermore, it is always subject to the ongoing quality control processes. The control and quality laboratory at Urbatek, one of the firms from the PORCELANOSA Group, constantly strives to guarantee that each tile distributed from the logistics centre, meets the strictest and the most exhaustive quality and durability standards.

The full-body porcelain tile by Urbatek has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable current quality regulations, and afterwards it goes though continuous laboratory tests which ratify its excellence. For instance, and with regard to polished porcelain tiles, they undergo certification tests, such as the degree of reflection of over 90%, giving the Urbatek through-body porcelain tile the consideration of a high-gloss tile. Likewise, and because of the testing processes, the large-scaled porcelain tile by Urbatek also offers great properties, such as a high degree of mechanical resistance as well as both chemical and stain resistance.

In addition to this, in the Urbatek laboratories, tiles are subjected to characterization tests and checks are carried out on the raw materials, the process and development of products, always in line with the large-scaled through-body porcelain’s ongoing quest for perfection. In compliance with current quality control regulations and those in relation to mechanical resistance and shine mentioned before, other tests are carried out too, such as surface quality; wear and abrasion resistance; thermal shock; frost resistance; expansion coefficient; deep abrasion; water absorption; flatness and measurements; (Class A) chemical attack; and (Class 5) stains. In relation to the latter, the laboratory carries out its own analyses in order to measure the tile’s reaction to various types of stains, such as grouting materials; marker pens; vehicle wheels; coffee; oil; grease and graffiti.

The large-scaled porcelain by Urbatek, because of its high quality and durability performance, turns out to be the suitable material for wall and floor tiling in high-demand interior and exterior spaces, as well as in high-traffic commercial spaces. Consistently at the cutting edge of quality and innovation, PORCELANOSA Group is once again positioned at the forefront of research and production, striving to make its extensive range of materials and products, such as the Urbatek through-body porcelain, meet the expectations of any project.

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