January 29, 2016 | Updated: January 22, 2019


The Premium Collection: A selection of both luxury and sophistication at the 23rd Exhibition

PORCELANOSA Group is once again positioned at the forefront of both worldwide architecture and interior design as both a high-quality and renowned firm. After its success last September at Cersaie 2015, Bologna Fair,  the selection of the Premium Collection exclusive products reaches the 23rd Global Architecture International Exhibition as a world reference in both exclusivity and sophistication.  Its products and materials, coming from the eight firms that make up PORCELANOSA Group, turn out to be a high-level solution for the most demanding of clients and customers, by offering professionals its quality, the wide range of properties as well as a unique and exceptional design.

With Joining them together in mind, the Premium Collection products have been designed to both create outstanding combinations and to stand out individually. The catalogue includes all kind of products, showing a high level of elegance, fineness and an incomparable aesthetics value.

Luxury and evasion in bathroom design

With regard to bathrooms, the Premium Collection suggests a unique relaxing experience by means of a selection of exclusive products from the firms, Noken and Systempool. Therefore, in the luxurious collection of products, one can find the stainless steel tap collections, such as the Premium Grey or the Premium Bronze; also a magnificent wide range of bathroom furniture manufactured with fine wood; sanitary wares with the natural olive-green colour; or large-scale and exclusive design ceramic wall tiles. Because of its technological and ultra-relaxation properties, the Premium Collection also counts on several options for shower columns. Apart from being provided with a functional touch control panel and TFT screen, they can also include chromo therapy, Bluetooth and audio in order to have a greater experience of the underwater sensations.

The innovation of the KRION® mineral compact

The selection of the Premium Collection exclusive products also offers our designs in tones and finishes with the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact. Among its new solutions, it is worth highlighting the acrylic stone from the PORCELANOSA Group, and also the latest Asteroid series, which is inspired by space; the Royal+ and the Star series, offering design professionals high versatility. Likewise, KRION® presents new colours for the stylish Unique series, by adapting the thermocurved jointless Solid Surface sheets to showers, bathtubs and bathroom furniture.

Latest designs in decorative profiles

In decorative profiles, the Premium Collection opts for the absolute distinction that the latest models by Butech provide. Among those decorative profile designs, it is worth mentioning the sumptuous trendy colours such as rosé, antique and graphite. Butech, as well as this, offers building innovation, by means of its new microcement, which is suitable for wall tiles: Micro-Stuck.

State-of-the-art kitchens

Carried out by the prestigious Michelin star awarded chef Quique Dacosta, PORCELANOSA Group presents its most avant-garde and elegant kitchens from the Premium Collection. Its talent is intermingled with the Premium inspiration in order to achieve spaces where kitchen furniture and the functionality of the rest of the items satisfy even the most experienced of gourmets.

The Premium Collection products are represented at the 23rd Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group. They have a privileged place in the different Premium spaces in the showrooms belonging to the group’s eight firms, and furthermore, they can be accessible online through the Porcelanosa Premium Collection webpage.



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