December 29, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The PORCELANOSA Group in the South Bank Tower in London

Thanks to the KPF architecture studio, PORCELANOSA Group has supplied its most excellent materials to enhance the majestic interior of one of the most outstanding skyscrapers in London to the max, namely the South Bank Tower.

We are dealing with a building located between the Royal Festival Hall and the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, which stands out because of its impressive architectural beauty. Covered by glass, it meets the demands of a modernist aesthetics of pure infinite lines.

With regard to the interior, the houses offer well-lit atmospheres with excellent views of the city. Every single apartment, including penthouses and duplexes, are provided with large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Outstanding materials

In order to come up to the mark, the PORCELANOSA Group offers materials and designs which join tradition and modernity together, therefore creating an aesthetically superior atmosphere in the building hall. A space designed to welcome guests and the residents of the building in a warm familiar way, without forgetting about the intrinsic innovative, sophisticated and fine essence which the South Bank Tower is characterised by.

The first thing that one can find in this project is the Habana Brown Sand Home BPT marble by L’Antic Colonial, located in the outside part of the building, which decorates the entrance and some planters.

The Cappuccino Classico flooring by L’Antic Colonial leads the way in the first few steps of the building which leads the visitors to the reception. Marble with light tones and veining achieves a bright atmosphere which is full of real elegance and sophistication.

Stony Flooring which perfectly blends in with the Cappuccino Grey Pulido wall tile, also by L’Antic Colonial, is located in the entrance hall and the reception counter. Pieces of impressive character and personality which stand out because of their uniform and irregular colour schemes, full of detail and originality.

L’Antic Colonial can also be found in the bathroom, which is located by the reception area in the building. In this case, we are dealing with the Persian white marble, a whitish stony wall tile which turns out to be ideal for providing comfort and a sense of neatness.

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