October 16, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The PORCELANOSA Group celebrates the first anniversary of its showroom in Treviso

A year ago, the PORCELANOSA Group opened its showroom in the Italian city of Traviso, an outstanding location between Venice and the Alps. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the opening, the company celebrated a commemorative event last October 12, where apart from thanking those professionals and clients who made the group consolidation in Italy possible, the latest designs from the eight firms were also presented.

In this way, the company once again shows its strong commitment to being close to its clients through its stores, by exclusively presenting its latest trends in architecture and decoration.

The event, which started at 7pm, was attended by architects, professionals, firms and private clients, who have all banked on Treviso as PORCELANOSA’s outlet this last year. All of them enjoyed an aperitif before the presentation of the latest designs from Krion®, Porcelanosa and Venis.

K-Life, Dayton and Delaware, the latest designs presented in Treviso

For the PORCELANOSA Group, the presentation of its latest products is always a good reason to share with its clients and friends, therefore, this event was considered as being unmissable.

In this regard, the firm made the most of this celebration to present the new revolutionary material from Krion® Solid Surface K-LIFE. Bruno Deserti, the leading manager for the firm in Italy, showed the great technological advances developed by K-LIFE in the group. Apart from its anti-bacterial properties, it is able to repel bacteria and eliminate it progressively, as well as purifying the air. Clear proof that technology can be made available in order to make people’s quality of life better.

The new Dayton collection by Venís, is one of the other series which was presented at this event; a collection inspired by the Piacentina Stone whose origin dates back to the Roman period, and furthermore, it has been used in architecture for many centuries because of its user-friendliness and aesthetic beauty. Through the new Dayton models for flooring and wall tiles, Venis seeks to provide the interior design with classical and sophisticated elegance.

Last but not least, Delaware, the latest design by Par-Ker, brought the curtain down on the presentation of the new products from the Porcelanosa Group with a new generation of ceramic parquet, which, comes with a higher level of naturalness, as well as being inspired by oak, maple and beech wood. Through Delaware, Par-Ker achieves a much more perfect representation of natural wood, achieving high-definition textures and tones full of character.

The first anniversary celebration of the PORCELANOSA GRUPO store in Treviso is part of the firm’s calendar of events, where the close relationships with clients and the active participation in the corporative events in the Italian market play a major role. Because of the Krion® event in the Via Marghera store in Milan and the presentation of Starwood also in Milan, both of them were held during the first part of the year, and together with the upcoming scheduled event in Rome for Nov 23rd, Treviso has been positioned as a leading point for the firm in Italy.

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