December 19, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The new Gamadecor website: the latest innovations in kitchens with a click

Gamadecor, with the aim of offering a more complete and enriched service, has completely redesigned its website.

For this new online space design, the user experience and the correct visualization of the web page from all types of devices is a priority. A clean and sophisticated design in line with the PORCELANOSA Group.

The new website’s prominent heading offers content designs that allow for faster and easier browsing through the most relevant products and contents from the firm. On the main page we find a section dedicated to the latest news published in the blog and the most innovative products; and a second part in which relevant information on contract projects has been included.

As specialists in the manufacturing of kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, users will find information and images about all the products from the firm on the new website through a much more visual, functional and intuitive product search engine that is located in the menu.

Also, the user can find inspiration and more detailed information on each product in the ‘latest news’ section where each week, insight and information about the most innovative and cutting-edge products will be included.

New visual style

The graphic style used is simple and the photographic resources from the firm take precedence in it. Full-screen videos and photographs within a minimalist aesthetic which give a sense of cleanliness and order to the set. Therefore, it is possible to follow a visual line similar to that of the PORCELANOSA Group, thus creating greater coherence among the companies in the group.

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