December 22, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


The New Butech Decorative profiles: Metallic touches and the ‘jewel’ effect for distinguishing wall tiles

PORCELANOSA Group designs and produces wall tiles capable of surprising and giving a distinguishing touch to spaces. However, this firm goes beyond the essential concept of design and, as well as satisfying the technical needs of the installation, it also offers innovative and elegant decorative profiling done by Butech.

A contemporary bathroom or kitchen can be the ideal place for the installation of decorative profiles from Butech, which extends its Pro-Part collection to be available for any demanding project. New metallic profiles and a jewel finish with Swarovski crystals that can be applied to most of the rectified wall tile collections from Porcelanosa and Venis, giving them a luxurious finish.

The aesthetic task of the decorative profiling is to beautify and set it apart, thanks to that elegant distinctive value that it provides to the design. However, it is also perfect for resolving separations between base and decorated ceramics, as well as for corner finishes.

New Metal Collection profiling

The latest edition of Cersaie, the International Fair in Bologna, was the chosen environment for the new Metal collection and the ‘jewel’ effect decorative profiles from Butech.

The Metal collection binds five projects together, capable of providing the wall tiles with a precious luxury metal effect from the PORCELANOSA Group: Pro-Part Old Brass Iron 11mm, in a matt steel finish; Pro-Part Old Brass Iron Matt 11mm, in aged steel oxide; Pro-Part Brass Matt 11mm, in smooth gold; Pro-Part Brass Coal Line 11mm, in sumptuous black; And Pro-Part Old Bronze Brass 11mm, in bronze or rosé, the trending colours in current design.

Regarding its technical characteristics, all of them have a 8 mm wide visible side, as well as a height of 11 mm, suitable for an endless number of wall tiles.

New Crystal collection profiling

Butech also has high-end decorative profiles which appeal to maximum luxury and sophistication thanks to jewel finishes. This is the case of 11mm Pro-Part Crystal Rock  Sapphire, which incorporates Swarovski crystals in sapphire blue and marigold grey in a chrome-plated profile. Decorative lines in deep and serene colours that, with the exclusivity which characterizes them, are presented as the perfect complement for the Premium wall tiles.

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